Fraud in the insurance industry is widespread and usually consists of a false or exaggerated claim. There is no question that fraudulent insurance claims cost Americans millions of dollars every year. The insurance companies are doing their best to eliminate these fraudulent claims, and we are here to assist them with this task.
We provide a broad range of investigative services for insurance companies, self-insured and third-party administrators. We specialize in a variety of insurance investigations. We recognize that professional, knowledge and sensible claims handling ultimately determine the success or failure of any case.
Our insurance claims investigations are conducted to verify the validity of a claim and are a cost effective way to minimize risk, protect company assets, cost effective and are provided in a timely manner. We use the combination of computer database searches with field investigations to investigate claims. We provide thorough, prompt and professional investigative services, and we take the time to impart individualized services based on each client's specific case-related needs.


Intellectual Property (IP) also known as Piracy, has become one of the most important and sought-after commodities by all nations of the world. IP theft has grown considerably in recent years resulting in vast economic losses. Experts estimate that product counterfeiting has a global economic impact of over $500 billion per year. Many terrorist groups use the proceeds from the sale of counterfeits to fund their global operations, and governments lose billions in tax revenue, jobs and investment capital from foreign nationals. A number of the violations encompass the counterfeiting of brand name products, such as: DVD's, CD's, Computer Software and Clothing to name just a few of the numerous items that counterfeiters illegally manufacture and sell every day. We conduct undercover field investigations to identify product counterfeiting operations and other unauthorized activities at the manufacturing, distribution, and retail levels. Our investigators maintain a vast network of informants and law enforcement resources, to identify offenders, organized criminal enterprises and trends in the marketplace. Pinpoint focuses on civil or criminal investigations and seizures, but also employs remedies, through in-house and outside counsel. We work with the client's Loss Prevention staff, licensees, vendors and business partners to analyze your markets, issues and opportunities and custom design an effective performance-driven solution within your budget. There can be as little or as much client involvement in the process as the client desires.
Finally, The Sharp Investigations (Pvt) Limited can assist as an expert in complex intellectual property crimes to include theft of trade secrets, unfair competition and violation of employment agreements by persons with technical knowledge.


Witness Statements are obtained for any type of legal action. Normally our office works with your attorney or legal advisor. In order for our firm to work on this type of case we would need to know the exact nature of the legal action, and the names and addresses of the persons from whom the statements need to be taken.



Asset checks are necessary when considering marriage or hiring a new business partner and are essential for peace of mind when considering many different situations. We have conducted this type of investigation for over many years. We need to know the subject's full name, last known address, date of birth, and if possible a Social Security number. Standard asset checks include all property owned, employment, vehicles, and wages etc.





Borrowers, investors, vendors, customers and employees all represent a degree of risk to your organization. Knowing who you are doing business with has never been more important. The potential risks of doing business with someone who you don't know goes well beyond simple economic loss. Legal liability, including law enforcement and regulatory actions, civil law suits as well as a loss of shareholder value can all result from doing business with the wrong people. 


Fortunately, mitigating these risks can be accomplished through investigative due diligence.  For years, legal practitioners, mergers and acquisition advisors and commercial bankers have been utilizing financial and legal due diligence to reduce risk.  These categories of due diligence, while extremely important, seldom provide information about a person's character, integrity or historical conduct.

Investigative due diligence is the application of exploratory techniques developed by law enforcement agencies to minimize relationship risk by analyzing publicly available information and discovering any red flags that could serve as a predictor of future derogatory behavior. These investigations are designed to gather and analyze a wide array of domestic and international publicly available information, providing not only critical information on which to base a business decision but also the ability to "handicap" the relative likelihood that a given transaction meets the client's risk tolerance. 



Due to the rising concerns of fraud, hiring of employees, identity theft, and liability claims, screening of new customers/clients, background investigations are a concern for any business, institution or individual. Our background screening experts are experienced in researching, securing and verifying confidential information. The ability to conduct effective background research can reduce risk and improve your productivity. We can access a wide range of information sources to help ensure that you know everything you need to know. It is essential to find out accurate information, to determine the right choice for you.
  • Services Cover
  • Federal Criminal Records
  • Statewide Criminal History
  • Arrest Record: Misdemeanor & Felonies
  • Civil Lower & Upper
  • Federal Civil
  • Educational Checks
  • Driver's License Record
  • Vehicle Ownership
  • Real Estate
  • Pre-Employment Credit Check
  • NIC Verification
  • Personal Reference Check
  • Character & Neighborhood Interview
  • Workers' Compensation