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Fraud continues to be a prominent issue and has become increasingly important in the eyes of the world's regulators. Tougher domestic and international regulations are spurring companies to improve their governance with the goals of engendering trust and further investment. The penalties for violating regulation are severe. However, fraud can be mitigated by effective control, a strong culture of prevention and deterrence and assertive action when cases arise.
According to the widely reported PWCs’ Global Economic Crime Survey 2020, rising economic crime poses a growing threat to companies. Nearly 47% of all organizations worldwide, including U.S. companies, report that they’ve been the victims of economic crime in the past 24 months and sadly only 56% conducted an investigation into their worst fraud incident. Globally, the number of companies reporting fraud increased from 37% to 45% since 2003, a 22% increase. As per Global Economic Survey the total cost of these crimes is an eye-watering US$42 billion this year. That’s cash taken straight off companies’ bottom line. And 13% of those who’d experienced a fraud said they’d lost US$50 million-plus from tangible frauds, those that result in an immediate and direct financial loss, such as asset misappropriation, false pretenses, and counterfeiting.
Fighting crime is not an optional activity. Recent attention by both regulators and the press has highlighted the need for business leaders to be proactive in combating crime. Even more worrying is the increasing number of cases where directors, officers and senior managers of organizations are being held personally liable for both direct and consequential losses incurred as a result of fraud.
The Sharp Investigations (Pvt) Limited, from the day of its start, has adopted specialized and methodological investigative expertise which really advanced the company to the peaks of successes in a shortest span of time. By pouring in its all-out capabilities in a professional manner, the company has shown an enhancing ratio in rendering various investigative services to its national and international clients and now is in few of top positioned companies in the region.
Besides, having its Head Office in Rawalpindi (Pakistan), the company has also established its Branch Offices in Karachi, Lahore, Bahawalpur Quetta and Faisalabad (Pakistan). Also sensing the responsibility for assuring the international clients about its worldwide presence, the company has anxiously developed strong inter-agency arrangements, affiliations and partnerships with the various foreign based investigative experts.
Through the virtue of investigative knowledge, assuring, encouraging and supporting the clients with its surprised, impressive and integrating leading-edge investigative expertise that generate confidence, the company is now amongst the only few experts, who have gained remarkable achievements in conducting Background Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Insurance Fraud Investigations, Asset Searching & Skip Tracing and Collection of Bad Debts and process serving etc. Further, it has also owned an upper edge in conducting IP related investigations well according to the satisfaction of the clients.
For rendering the above services, we have gathered and chosen the excellent and high caliber staff from Police Department, Judiciary, Banks, Risk Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Civil and other specialized areas. Having equipped with diligence, great observation, being prepared, resourcefulness, creativity, inquisitiveness, patience and neutrality, our Staff Strength is really capable to work under pressure by digging out the facts and figures to the entire satisfaction of our Client. They are also having expertise to discover the clever, crook and cunning intentions playing behind the curtains. As assertiveness and persistence are important, together with very nice observation skills; you will find our staff always ready for any sort of your investigative requirement. We, therefore, feel it our most privilege to offer our above services to your offices and are confident that these will really meet your standard of requirements in the areas as detailed above, whenever needed by you.


  • Corporate & Economic Crime Investigations.
  • White Collar Crime Investigations.
  • Background Investigations.
  • “KYC” Inquiries.
  • Fraud Investigations.
  • Intellectual Property Infringement/Fraud Investigations.
  • Identity theft Investigations.
  • Business Intelligence & Integrity Due Diligence.
  • Competitive Business Investigations.
  • Corporate Security Investigations.
  • Pre & Post Employment Screening.
  • Work Place Violence Investigations.
  • Benefit Fraud Investigations.
  • Occupational Fraud Investigations.
  • Inventory Fraud Investigations.
  • Contract & Procurement Fraud Investigations.
  • Medicaid Fraud Investigations.
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations.
  • Real Estate Fraud Investigations.
  • Unclaimed Property Investigations.
  • Investment Fraud Investigations.
  • Commercial Mortgage Fraud Investigations
  • Predatory Fraud Investigations.
  • Contractors/Bidders Verifications/Investigations.
  • Risk Consulting & Management.
  • Matrimonial Investigations.
  • Extra-marital Affairs Investigations.
  • Politics Based Investigations.
  • Asset Searching & Skip Tracing.
  • Tracing Illicit Funds/Assets.
  • Summon/Process Serving.
  • Child Custody.
  • Family Dispute.
  • Litigation Support.
  • Arbitration.
  • Surveillanc.


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Business offers many avenues for crimes and civil wrongs which may not be apparent to the untrained eye. Economic crime is an undeniable fact of business life, affecting both large and small organizations across all industries. To explore the hidden facts of such mishaps, the business community often needs independent auditing and monitoring to get the last bottom of the scattered things.
There are various organized economic crimes in the business communities of the globe and it was felt deeply that there should be a sound and scientific organization in private sector that could check in proceeds, unearth, and guarantee to explore / collect the actual hidden facts to the strengthen corporate governance and  restore the investor's confidence.
For rendering the above services, we have gathered and chosen highly qualified professionals from Law Enforcement Agencies, legal fraternity, Risk Consultants, Chartered Accountants, Bank professionals, and other specialists of different areas. Our staff strength can really grab the delinquents, approach to the bottom of the facts. We are fully capable to discover the clever, crook and cunning intentions playing behind the curtains.
Our approach is always to equip our client with the enhanced thinking and knowledge as well as better sense and control to manage their affairs with more efficiency and smartness.
At, The Sharp Investigations (Pvt) Limited, besides Corporate Sectors, individuals can also hire the straight of the art expertise of our accurate investigative methodologies.
Our Motto : To bring an entire satisfaction to our Clients.
Syed Shabbar Abbas

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